Family of five khajiit escape Knahaten Flu to peaceful isle of Khenarthi's Roots. Surviving the catastrophe leaves its mark to little ones. One by one three remaining littermates spread around Tamriel to find their home away from home.

Marrazz the Mist middle one of the lot. She is first to leave to land of elves to become craftsman of arms and armour. Eventually she finds herself among troops of queen Ayrenn but is not yet ready to settle for a life of a soldier.

Maliz Clearsky is the quiet on. She does have ambition to magic, however, and most likely impressive skill to it aswell. She starts her journey in Shad Astula school of magic in Morrowind.

J'ti Skyborn The cub in the eyes of his older sisters J'ti is the last one to leave the warm sands of Elsweyr. He proceeds from master to master in the lands of Breton to learn a simple trade of woodworker. Because of knightly traits in his character he easily gets involved with affairs of King Emeric of Wayrest.