Dear J'ti

I am thrilled and happy. After months and months of fruitless work, my visits to Aldunz and Yldzuun were successful ones. In addition to descriptions of weapons and armour, I found texts descriping the making of dwemer shields. I copied them for you, as they made little sense to me.

My search is close to fullfilment, but I do not want it to end. I have heard rumours of a place that desert folk call Razak's Wheel. Grand dwemer ruin located South-Western corner of Bangkorai. Many fear it, I try my luck, as it has been good lately.

But I will stay here in the desert for a while now. I found a good place to work and test my new skills. I am making a sword to Maliz. You know, she always carries that big sword, almost size of herself, around. I guess one cannot slice skulls with magic alone.

If I cannot cross the mountains, I have to travel via Wayrest and Evermore. Which is not unfortunate at all, as I can come to meet you.

Marrazz the Mist