Breezes of Alik'r are turning more gentle now. I was able to return to Sentinel, and finally, after many moons, see our baby brother once again. He has grown, not very tall, but handsome, yes.

Undead have left the docks, thus Sentinel is quiet again. J'ti has some time off of his duties for his masters Lagbuga gra-Rug and the king of Wayrest. We walk, chat and enjoy this time together. Yesterday evening he prepared a dinner. We sat down on the roofs of Sentinel, ate and talked about paths of fate. Ah cooking, what he calls his pursuit, is really his specialty, nothing less. He makes such a meal I feel good and strong as I never do.

And it is not like I dislike his beverages, either.

Tomorrow is time to part. I'll continue to ruins of Aldunz. I hope to make more progress there.