Dearest J'ti,

You call invasion of undead minor issue? Docks of Sentinel are swarming with disturbed dead. One could not depart the ship without ten of them yearning your flesh.

The problem was not the forebear but the afterbear, though. As I went slaughtering the trouble, those redguards still breathing on the docks started to attack me. Acusing me of dishonouring their ancestors!That was too much, I didn't want to kill the living. I fled to the desert.

Scoping the desert was my plan in the first place. We already found ruins of Santaki, some small treasures and one wreched fait of an adventurer. But no additional clues of craft of the dwemer.

I will wait the heat to settle, then we will meet. There is a fellow khajiit called Ildani that can contact me.

See you soon, yours, Marrazz