What a coincide, J'ti is just travelling to Sentinel, aswell. Master Lagbuga gra-Rug sent J'ti there to retrieve a delivery of fine mahogany. This one has some spare time and will wait for sister's arrival. If not in Sentinel, maybe close by. See, this one goes to collect spices and makes marvelous dishes. Sometimes result it's most suprising.

Alik'r is alluring place of craftsmen of various sorts. Wood there is excellent quality, herbs has strong wild flavour in them, and the desert itself has many secrets for those who want to learn. This one knows, that's why dear sister is coming too, yes?

Be wary, though, there has been some stange going on at Sentinel's docks. Seems like ancestors of local redguards have their peace disturbed. This one hopes it's a minor issue and the dead can soon rest once more.

Faitful brother, J'ti